FAQ - jQuery snippets

AJAX news feed script - display only latest post/s

Append 'Read More' link to link-gallery pages

Replace thumbnail images with full size version

Drop pagebanner from image to background image

Flag empty div as empty

Add a custom class to each catmenu li based off category name

Add remove class on button click

Replace product image with swatch on click
Replace the image in the product area, with the swatch image on mouseclick

Convert Flash Based Gallery to image list on mobile

Move category link outwards

Add arrow suffix to menu links with children

Replace Colorbox with Venobox for popups

Read/Set Cookie

Move content from one div to another
e.g intro to pagebanner

Hide buy button / quantity section if price = 0

Contentbox Code Section - News Feed Slider

Contentbox Code Section - Gallery Slider of Images
Load images from a gallery into a contentbox code section

Replace Checkout Name with First Name / Last Name
Replace Name with First Name and Last Name fields, but keep name field for submission. Merge First/Last to Name on change

Slick slider - enable both autoplay & infinite:false

Add details button

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