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How to use this FAQ
Here are some tips on finding the right answers in this FAQ

Create a Website Tutorial (Printable)
You may find it easier to print out the following steps to help create your website.

Editor Quick View
This page quickly outlines the toolbar functions in the editor

Save Changes | Preview | Publish
A quick overview of the editor buttons and what they do

Clearing your browser cache
Detailed instructions on removing stored information from your browser.

I've made changes in the CMS but can't see it live?
This is the most common issue our support desk faces. Browsers cache pages and this causes you to see old/stale content. If this is your issue, there are several answers...

Changing Contact Details
How to change your contact details on the site and your account

How to change the website name
Where to go to change/rename the text that appears in the heading of the website (standard templates)

Glossary of website-related terms
Not sure about website terminology? Find the definitions of all the web-related terms we use

Preferred Web Browsers
The preferred web browsers for editing content in our CMS is Google Chrome - for both PC and Mac. However, we do widely support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. Usage of our WYSIWYG rich content component may differ from browser to browser.

10 tips everyone should know
Here is a quick list of things that everyone should know.

Publishing Changes
Read here about the importance of publishing changes

Logouts / Session Expired / Can't edit page X
If you keep getting logged out after only a few steps, then the problem is to do with session cookies... You need to enable these... here are some tips

Drag and Drop Editor - How to link to a page or file
How to use the Drag and Drop editor including adding links

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